Caged, abused and fucked

July 5th, 2012

Back in the Tops gym, a naked ginger finds himself kneeling with his wrists tightly bound by course ropes, his nipples constantly tormented between the teeth of vicious chain-linked clamps.

Master Chris’s unclothed arse crack is positioned over ginger’s face so his lapping tongue can fully service the Top’s ripe shithole. Dave ensures the bottoms slavering tongue reaches its destination by pushing his crotch hard against the back of gingers head.

Chris cruelly rips the nipple clamps off without warning and as ginger sits stunned, Dave’s well placed army boot pushes him hard in the face making him fall back onto the floor ready for a good fucking at both ends….


Brutal gay spanking

July 28th, 2011

Guys from BRUTAL TOPS done automatic spanking machine that he plans to use on ben’s arse while getting his cock sucked by the slutty bottom.


Fucked in the ass and piss in ass gay

June 25th, 2011

BRUTAL TOPS guys present to us very interesting gay domination porn session. Gay fucked in the ass and piss.

Ball gag in his mouth, hands rope tied behind his back and a leg spreader strapped to his ankles.


Fist and ass and blowjob gay men

June 20th, 2011

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Piss enema gay

June 14th, 2011

Master Peter is bursting for a piss. What better way to relieve himself than into the open arse of the lockeroom sub. Using a speculum to stretch open the slutty bottoms arsehole, both Masters take a turn filling the gaping hole with their steaming hot urine. With the sub’s bowel full to overflowing with piss, Peter removes the surgical appliance spreading the poor cunt’s sphincter so Master Errol can slip in a dog tail butt plug to keep the pungent liquid sealed in runt’s belly….

Making doggy squat his arse over his water bowl, Master Peter pulls the butt plug out of runts anus. A brown syrup of piss and anal sludge spurts out of his arse hole, splashing over the rim and into the empty dog bowl. What a dirty little fuck runt is. There is only one thing for it, the Top’s order doggy to clean his bowl…



Gay guys face sitting football thug

March 1st, 2011

Master Peter is getting changed into his football kit for a gay domination practice session. Short on time, Peter decides to use aussie’s mouth as his personal shower, ordering aussie to clean his very sweaty pits which have been confined in his business suit all day.

An eager aussie goes straight to work, his slutty slurping mouth and tongue laps at the forest of hair under each of Master Peter’s arms, sucking the hairs into his mouth to glean every drop of Master’s sweat off of them until they are pristine and clean again.

Peter sits down on aussie’s face so his tongue can get right up into the Top’s pungent arse hole. Now Peter can change into his football kit ready for the practice…



Gay muscle domination

February 12th, 2011

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Dave and Darren are up for fun today. They have a painpig to play with and two arses that need a good licking. But painpig needs to earn that reward. The object of the exercise is total pain because the two sadists know they’ll get a better rimming from their bottom that way.

Bound to the weights bench they torment his cock and balls with clothes pegs to make it a real porcupine before turning their attention to his nipples and applying bulldog clips to them.

Darren’s hairy nuts need a clean next and both delicious globes are pressed into the bottom’s mouth. Darren makes a nice seat out of painpig’s mouth wriggling his young builder’s bare arse onto his mouth while Dave flogs the poor cunt….


Gay piss enema

February 7th, 2011

Blondeboy is learning his ability as a bottom at the school of Masters Mike & Darren. The lesson for today in gay enemas. But not just any common-all-garden enema, this is a PISS enema courtesy of Master Mike’s full bladder. With the enema pot held high, gravity fills the bottom’s aching bowels with fresh Master’s male piss enema.

With piss squirting out, there is barely enough space for the buttplug which Master Darren uses to penetrate the bottom’s colon and seal his hole. His innards full of piss and a buttplug too, there is nothing more that blondie would like to do than to shit the lot out. Guess that’s the last thing the tops will allow him until they’ve had their fill of fun at his expense!


College gay bondage sex slave tied in Japanese style bondage

February 2nd, 2011

College boi is tied in Japanese style rope-bondage, hanging naked in place of the boxing bag. Masters Jon and Mo approach him nursing rock hard erections and are going to use college boi’s holes to release their sexual desires. Master Mo sticks his thick member into boi’s wet mouth, Master Jon slams his proud engorged tool right into the lad’s arsehole.

Mo and Jon switch places and Boi’s face and mouth are held backwards so that Jon can deposit a large hot load into his mouth whilst Mo continues fucking him deep. Hardly having a moment to swallow the nutritious liquid from Master Jon, Master Mo pulls out and brings his erection around to boi’s face. Jon’s sperm is joined by bucketloads of Master Mo’s in the bottom’s throat. College boi gets all the fun! Gay male bondage pictures and videos at BrutalTops


Male cock bondage chastity

January 24th, 2011

Without any underwear Master Maurice’s generously sized cock and balls bounce around freely in his shorts. He teases naked Tattoo, allowing him to sniff around his cock and balls. Mo can pull them easily up his arsecrack and buries tattoos face in his arse, instructing him not to cum without permission.

In walks Master Chris, straight from the rain-soaked rugby ground, his muscles covered in fresh wet mud and sweat. Chris shows the positions he gets into during the match on all fours with his sweaty arse pointing in the air. Tattoo is allowed to lick and sniff around Master Chris’s muddy arse.

Teased, edged and desperate to cum Tattoo watches as Mo brings out a stainless steel chastity collar and fits it onto his raging cock.